We offer two major loan products to wholesalers and long-term investors:

Short-Term Pipeline Loans issued at 12 to 24 percent APR with interest-only payments. Pipeline loans are available to wholesalers actively engaged in buying and renovating single-family rental homes.

Permanent Fully-Amortizing Loans issued at 12 percent APR with maturity of 15 years or less. Bridge Capital offers these loans to well-qualified borrowers. Our standard terms require a down payment of fifty percent of the loan amount, a twelve percent interest rate, and a five percent loan origination fee. These loans also include self-directed IRA and 401(k) borrowing options.

We feature a streamlined application process and simplified terms:

Both types of loans feature a streamlined application as well as internal evaluation to better accelerate the approval process.

When evaluating permanent loans, we keep in mind the value of the asset, the borrower’s ability to obtain funding, and an overall “comfort level” for all parties involved.

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