Our Services

Whether you’re buying one property or building an investment portfolio, our resources and team of experts work to ensure that your long-term investment produces long-term results, during the life of the loan and beyond.

We understand that it takes more than a house and loan to be successful: it takes oversight, maintenance and care. That’s why, as your private lender, we bring not only financial capital to the table but – equally important – a team of professionals dedicated to your success every step of the way.

Rental Property Experts

We work only with reliable, experienced real estate professionals who renovate and refurbish their properties to levels that don’t just pass inspection, but that reach our exacting standards.

Our team of loan professionals exhaustively research all the neighborhoods of our investment properties, to better understand the long-term values of each area before approving an investment. As your lender, it’s important to us that your property retains its value and attracts and keeps good tenants.

Loan Application Support

Bridge Capital’s streamlined loan application process includes a basic application with routine borrower financial research. We do not require an outside property appraisal but instead rely on internal evaluation.

Our loan approval committee, comprised of company partners and officers, meets to give your application personal attention, collaborating to best understand your investment goals and determine the loan that’s right for you.

Help During the Loan Term

Bridge Capital’s post-close department keeps you apprised of changes to your escrow costs and other fees. We’ll act as a point of contact between you and your lender, and even advise you on prepaying or paying off your loan early.

Expert Property Management

We connect each of our loans with a proven property management team. They’ll work “behind the scenes” to keep your properties maintained and rented, so your investment yields the highest return for years to come.

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