Top 3 Signs of a Quality Renovation


Inspecting the quality of a rental property’s renovation is one of the most important steps in the investment process. As you search for your next property investment, don’t miss these tell-tale indicators of its worth. A good renovation performed up front means lower maintenance and repair costs down the road.


Nothing reveals a substandard or faulty renovation like a shabby or quickly-restored roof. While many reputable wholesalers will repair roofing rather than completely replace it, others will skimp on the sometimes steep roofing maintenance costs. Verify the good condition of the property’s roof by checking these indicators:

- Are the shingles cracked or missing? Do they seem worn by weather and time? New roofing shingles, like new flooring tiles, have a faintly shiny luster.

- Was the roof refurbished or replaced on both (or all four) sides of the house, or just the front side?

- Is the roof clean – is there dead organic debris (dried limbs, dead leaves or branches) lying atop or across it or in the drainage gutters?


A house’s carpeting is subject not just to tears and spills but also – especially in damp and humid climates – mildew and rot within the padding beneath. Tiled floors can crack, come loose, or splinter.

Many wholesalers choose to replace carpet or tile flooring with new tile or ceramic flooring, the better to reduce the expense of replacing the carpet. Likewise, many tenants prefer tile flooring’s easier upkeep and cleaning. Some signs to check for a quality renovated flooring:

- Do the tiles look new? Can you see cracks or missing tiles in the photographs and videos, or during the property inspection?

- Is the carpet new? What is the pile of the carpet? The color? Was the carpet professionally installed – is it secured all the way around each room?

- Is the entire house re-floored, or just the main living areas such as the living room and hallway?

Exterior Decorations and Trim

The wood construction of window shutters, porch columns, and overhangs make them vulnerable to weather damage, especially in rainy or damp climates. Front porch support columns can literally erode away at their base thanks to mildew, termites and pests, and other environmental hazards. Window shutters can fall off or fall apart thanks to storms and high winds.

All the same, such subtle flaws can reveal the scope and depth of a property renovation.

- Look for freshly painted shutters that hang square with their windows. Shutters that sag or have missing slats should be fixed before the property is purchased.

- Are the wood parts of the front porch freshly painted? Are signs of erosion or other weather damage clearly evident?

- If the house has a garage, does the garage door sit squarely on the ground beneath it? Do the window panes seem new or cracked? Is the door freshly painted? Look inside the garage for debris or other trash left behind.

What To Do If There’s A Problem

Voice your concerns to your wholesaler before the financing is completed. Remember that, above all else, you want to make the best investment possible with a minimum of costs and a maximum return potential.

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